Industrial Applications of RT Paulownia


  • Plywood is made by using 2 years old and 3 years old Revotropix
  • Paulownia tree logs
  • 2 years old trees have homogenous appearance and colour
  • 3 years old trees possess better hardness and claimed that can be used as veneer
  • The recovery rate of the plywood is above 70%


Veneer peels from Revotropix Paulownia. They are lightweight and

have wear-resistant and anti-cracking qualities.

Sawn Timber

  • The moulded and edge-glued sawn timber are used to make
    swiftlet house interior wood planks for bird nest to hold
  • Customer claims that it is much easier to handle due to its light
    weight characteristic
  • The products are sold to Japan and Vietnam using special permit
  • Sawn timber from 3 years old trees:
    14.5cm width. 2.2cm thick, 220cm length, 10 grooves of 2mm
    depth each side

Furniture/Interior Deco

Smaller size logs are cut to length and used as divider in the office area.

Tall Boy With Dovetail Joint

  • Tall boy made by 2.5 years old Revotropix Paulownia wood
    planks can be opened both sides
  • The wood is claimed strong enough to make as frame for
    both sides opening drawer
  • Also for its capability to use dovetail joint

Mouldings - Finger Joint

Small wood planks are finger-jointed and edge-glued to design as wall panel and furniture.

Unlocking Potential: The Industrial Marvel of
RT Paulownia


In the vast world of industrial applications, the emergence of RT Paulownia has sparked a revolution. This versatile and sustainable wood species is making waves across various sectors, offering a myriad of benefits and innovative solutions. Let’s delve into the industrial applications of RT Paulownia and understand why it’s becoming the material of choice.


rt paulownia

The Green Revolution: Sustainability at Its Core


RT Paulownia stands tall as an eco-friendly option, contributing to the global push for sustainable practices. Its rapid growth, minimal environmental impact, and ability to thrive in diverse climates make it a champion of green initiatives. Industries are increasingly turning to RT Paulownia as a renewable resource, aligning with a future focused on environmental responsibility.


Construction's Sturdy Companion


In the construction realm, RT Paulownia shines as a building material. Known for its strength-to-weight ratio, it offers a lightweight yet durable solution for various structures. From framing to paneling, architects and builders appreciate its versatility, allowing for innovative designs without compromising structural integrity.


Automotive Advancements


In the automotive industry, weight plays a crucial role in fuel efficiency. RT Paulownia’s lightweight nature makes it an ideal choice for interior components, contributing to the quest for energy-efficient vehicles. Beyond its weight advantages, its resistance to warping and cracking adds a layer of durability appreciated in the dynamic environment of automotive interiors.


Furniture Crafted to Perfection


RT Paulownia’s aesthetic appeal and workability have caught the eye of furniture designers. Crafting exquisite pieces with intricate detailing becomes a joy, thanks to the wood’s fine texture and ease of manipulation. From elegant chairs to durable tables, the furniture industry is embracing the charm of RT Paulownia.


Agricultural Innovation


Beyond wood applications, RT Paulownia has made strides in agriculture. With its ability to regenerate quickly, it serves as an efficient biomass producer. Its leaves are rich in nutrients, making them a valuable resource for organic fertilizers. This dual-purpose aspect showcases the plant’s potential to revolutionize sustainable farming practices.


Challenges and Future Prospects


While RT Paulownia presents numerous advantages, challenges such as susceptibility to certain pests and diseases exist. However, ongoing research aims to address these issues, ensuring a more resilient and widely applicable species.


In conclusion, RT Paulownia stands as a testament to the potential of sustainable resources in shaping diverse industries. As we navigate towards a future where environmental consciousness is paramount, the industrial applications of RT Paulownia underscore the importance of embracing nature-friendly alternatives.


This incredible wood species is not just an industrial commodity; it’s a symbol of our commitment to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. Let’s build, innovate, and grow with RT Paulownia leading the way here.


Experience the future of industry with RT Paulownia – where sustainability meets innovation.

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